Pragmasystems offers a range of software applications for the financial services industry. Because our applications are developed in-house, we have greater flexibility to assist you in resolving your immediate needs by walking through the development process with you .

We deliver tailored applications which thoughtfully integrate Web, Call Center, Fax, Print, E. Mail and Data Management capabilities. Pragmasystems branded and private label platforms offer:;

  1. Fast, user-friendly Web interface with a wide range of innovative performance and self-service features, allowing companies to accomplish more with fewer resources
  2. Non-stop continual monitoring of the proxy solicitation process - putting our clients in the driving seat
  3. Professional reporting capabilities downloadable and viewable from anywhere

Pragmasystems  presents an innovative, more intuitive Web interface that blends high-performance with convenient self-service. Users have more control over their reports and data  thanks to a wide range of personalized, self-service features.

Additional Value to the proxy solicitation process

  1. A rich intuitive, and interactive user experience for making better, faster decisions
  2. Competitive differentiation through drill-down analytics
  3. Data visualizations that speed-up comprehension and discovery

Eliminating the need for the usual industry delivery formats which are currently manually formatted, often contain errors, increase inefficiencies and offer very limited in variants of manipulation.